Spotify To Start Listing Songwriting And Production Credits

The streaming giant is following the lead of competitors like Tidal.

Spotify has added a feature to its desktop version allowing users to view production and songwriting credits on streaming tracks. 

The move, which follows frequent criticism over the site's lack of credits, as well as lawsuits related to its publishing payouts, is part of an overall move to "increase songwriter and producer visibility and, in turn, foster discovery among new collaborators, industry partners, and fans," says Tiffany Kumar, Spotify's global head of songwriter relations. 

Users can right-click on a track and select "show credits" for record label-provided metadata on performers, songwriters and producers. Spotify states that this metadata is incomplete at the moment, but adds the "show credits" feature is just the first step in crediting songwriters. 

The decision also comes after a ruling from the US-based Copyright Royalty Board increasing streaming payouts to songwriters by 43.8%, a major victory for writers and publishers. Spotify is currently preparing to go public on NYSE via a direct listing method. It's current valuation sits around $15 billion. 

Bron: Resident Advisor

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