Spotify To Allow Artists To Upload Their Own Music

The feature is currently only available to invited artists.

Spotify has launched a beta program allowing artists to upload their music to the platform directly. 

Uploads were typically facilitated by major labels and third-party services, but the new feature lets music makers do it themselves. It's currently only available to a select group but is expected to eventually become available to everyone using the Spotify For Artists service after a period of testing. Eligible artists will be able to set a release date, access their tracks' statistics and demographic data, and see projected royalty earnings. 

The Senior Product Lead for Spotify’s Creator Marketplace, Kene Anoliefo, told TechCrunch: "Artists receive 50% of net revenues from the songs they upload, and Spotify also accounts to publishers and collection societies for additional royalties related to the music composition." 

Independent artists have often criticised the publicly-traded streaming giant for predatory royalty payouts, but blockchain-based, community-owned cooperatives like Resonate are emerging as viable alternatives. 

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