Berlin Clubs Could Receive Up To €100,000 ...

Local council has made €1 million available in an attempt to reduce conflict between nightclubs and residential areas.

A new noise protection program in Berlin, proposed last year, comes into effect today. 

Berlin's world-renowned nightlife has caused recurring issues with residents who would prefer to sleep, Der Tagesspiegel reports. The city, which sees club culture as an economic benefit, is making efforts to reconcile. Clubs and music venues that cannot afford their own soundproofing can now apply for state-funded support via the Berlin Club Commission. 

For venues that have been operating for a minimum of two years, the application is a two-stage process. Basic documents are already available online. Starting next February, an independent jury of experts will meet three times to choose the beneficiaries. 

The public grant may supply each applicant with up to €50,000, and "projects of extraordinary importance" are eligible to receive up to €100,000. Clubs will also have to contribute a modest amount, ranging from ten to 20 percent of the total fund, based on a sliding scale. If the club doesn't manage to stay open for another two years, they must return the money. 

The subsidy model is based on an existing program in Hamburg. Both cities are striving to keep increasingly dense parts of the city habitable without displacing clubs. 

Bron: Resident Advisor

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