Guest Mix By Vijay & Sofia Zlatko On Saturday 14.02 ---> 2100-2200

Reaching 15 millions of clicks on Soundcloud & Youtube, Vijay & Sofia Zlatko attain massive stats for an underground artist. It must say that the Belgium duet didn't steal this success! From the recent remix of John Newman – Love Me Again to the first appearance on Sleazy Deep, the duet sail between a deep-house dance-floor oriented to a melancholic house music, as a journey. Like this summer in Ibiza where Vijay & Sofia decided to create this duo.
As a couple, in life and behind the decks, Vijay & Sofia, they lead the discussion on social network and on the dance-floors since 2 years, but the career of Vijay started well before, with collaborations as the like of Nico Pusch or Rodriguez Jr. Without forgetting the past, Vijay open the doors to the duet at the end of 2012.

An artist can share his life only with another artist, and that's why the duo works so well. Sofia has the soul of an artist that sticks to the skin. A well-chosen word for a tattoo artist. This graphic artist with a strong universe is also a huge fan of music and dance (More than 12 years as dancer) and Vijay led him to be with him behind the decks and software productions.
The first success of Vijay & Sofia Zlatko will come from one of these free remix available on Soundcloud for the followers. In one year, they will remixes artists like Asaf Avidan, Moby, Queen, Nicolas Jaar or Daft Punk. Proof of their talent, the label of Daft Punk contacted Vijay & Sofia to release their remix of Get Lucky on Columbia.


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