SoundCloud Expands Revenue-Sharing Program To Include DJs And Remixers

SoundCloud has expanded its model for sharing revenue with artists and labels who use the site. 

The new program will drive revenue not only to original content creators, but remixers and DJs who include other artists' material in their productions and DJ sets. So far the company's been vague about the inner workings of the program, like percentage distributions of revenue and other details like music detection and license monitoring. But the idea of the expanded model is that it's no longer just original songwriters who can get paid from streaming, but artists who make work with other people's intellectual property—DJs and remixers. A spokesperson told RA that the model is meant to generate "more overall revenue opportunities for everyone," including "original creators and members of this program." 

The program, called On SoundCloud Premier, is still in its early stages, and is only available to a small group of artists and labels who were invited to participate. It's part of a bid to keep up with other streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify, which have both come under fire for generating insignificant amounts of revenue, even for major labels and high-profile artists. 

"Revenue paid to creators, artists and rightsholders are consistent with the industry standard," the spokesperson added. "As we roll out this next phase of the On SoundCloud Premier Program, our mission remains to create a place where creativity can live and thrive, whilst also sharing revenue with more artists who share their work on our platform." The company wouldn't reveal how many users are currently involved in Soundcloud Premier or when it'll be open to the public. 

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