Crosstown Rebels Presents 'Spirits'

The first release in the series features material from Dubspeeka, Robbie Akbal and Dance Spirit.

Damian Lazarus' label Crosstown Rebels is starting a new annual compilation series called Spirits

Lazarus describes the new endeavor as "a fresh psychedelic journey into the mind." Its first entry, which lands in late November, is made up of 11 tracks. 

Lazarus and company will celebrate the start of Spirits next month with launch parties in Berlin, Warsaw and London. 


01​. ​Dubspeeka - ​Lyssa 
02​. Audiojack - Reverie 
03​. Rowee​ - ​Amaranto feat.​ ​KnowKontrol 
04​. Siopis - ​Be​ ​Mine feat.​ ​Ellbee​ ​Bad​ 
05​. Magit​ ​Cacoon - ​Nonsense 
06​. Jonathan​ ​Kaspar - Zarun 
07​. Raw​ ​District - ​Another​ ​Way feat.​ ​Alice​ ​Rose 
08​. Robbie​ ​Akbal - ​Tavarua 
09​. Nico​ ​Stojan​ ​&​ ​David​ ​Mayey - Killing​ ​Your​ ​Lover feat.​ ​Jan​ ​Blomqvist​ 
10​. Dance​ ​Spirit​​ - Voices ​feat.​ ​Fab​ ​Morvan 
11​. Pale​ ​Blue​ ​-​ Journey​ ​Into​ ​Light 

Crosstown Rebels will release Spirits on November 24th, 2017


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