Innervisions Pr. 'Secret Weapons Part 10'

Marc Romboy, Aera and Nitam are among the artists featured on the DJ-oriented package.

Innervisions has revealed the tracklist for Secret Weapons Part 10

Conceived 11 years ago as a platform for tracks that Innervisions founders Dixon and Âme play in their sets, the tenth Secret Weapons set includes the usual mix of familiar faces and relative unknowns. 


A1 Aera - Moon Palace 
A2 Nitam - JS/42 Unterton 
B1 Marc Romboy - Infrared 
B2 Arian 911 - See U In 2050 
C1 Stereocalypse - Blue Dome Escargot 
C2 Underspreche - From The Exotism To The Future 
D1 Marc Houle - Paligama (Frankey & Sandrino Remix) 
D2 Ditian - Far From Here 

Innervisions will release Secret Weapons Part 10 on March 16th, 2018

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