Fabric Vol.81 - Mixed By Matt Tolfrey

Matt Tolfrey has overseen the 81st installment of fabric's mix CD series. 

The Leftroom label boss is a fixture at fabric, with over eleven years of experience behind the decks at the storied London nightclub. His 25-track mix for their series brings quirky vintage curveballs like Soichi Terada’s "Tokyo XXX" together with party rockers like Derrick Carter's remix of "Somethin' Else" by 2nd Shift, and more contemporary offerings from artists like Genius Of Time and Jon Convex. It also includes a number of Leftroom exclusives. 

"fabric 81 is the mix I’ve been hoping to achieve my whole career," says Tolfrey, explaining the challenges he encountered in compiling and condensing for the compilation format. "It’s always hard to tell a full story when you’re restricted by the length of a CD, but by editing nearly all the tracks on the mix, I was able to fit it all in." 

The launch party for fabric 81 will go down at fabric on Saturday, April 25th, with Matt Tolfrey joined in Room One by Cassy and more. . 


01. Rednail Kidz - Do My Thing 
02. Dan Beaumont - The Bath House 
03. Gideon Bouwens - Life Stories Part 3.2 
04. Genius of Time - Tom Jam 
05. Aaron Carl - My House (Doc Martin & Eddie Amador’s Wax Dub) 
06. Skat - Nightlife (Kenny Hawkes & David Parr Remix) 
07. Bell - File One 
08. Nail - I Think It’s Love 
09. Someone Else - Jena Jazz (DiY Remix) 
10. Jon Convex - Zero 
11. Dott Farm - Gettin’ Bullied 
12. jozif - A Million To One (Kerb Staller Edit) 
13. Phil Weeks - Social Club 
14. Gregorythme - (R)evolution 
15. Pure Science - It’s Magic 
16. Cassy - Idle Blues 
17. Hector - A Clown Called Snapper 
18. 2nd Shift feat. Heather - Somethin’ Else (This Year's Peasant Look) 
19. Marschmellows - 2 8 3 4 (Richard Wolfsdorf Remix) 
20. Minimal Man - Treatment Feel (Soul Capsule vs Tan Ru Mix) 
21. Sam Russo - Your Call 
22. Matt Tolfrey - Lost In Space 
23. Kevin Yost - Istanbul 2 
24. Soichi Terada - Tokyo XXX 
25. Lansdowne - Question Time 

Fabric Records will release fabric 81 on April 20th, 2015.

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