Deep Down & Defected Volume 8 - Noir

Helmed by Danish house don Noir, this latest edition of Deep Down & Defected features no fewer than six exclusive new original productions, remixes and mash-ups from Noir himself, in addition to upfront cuts and classic records from the likes of Dennis Ferrer, Dantiez Saunderson, Guti, Blaze, Paolo Rocco and many more.  

Two brand new Noir productions take centre stage: ‘A Better Place’ and ‘Do Me’. A deep, reflective vocal cut  and ferocious tech stomper respectively, they demonstrate the versatility and prowess he commands in the studio. 

“The new originals are tracks I have been working on for quite some time” says Noir. The idea for ‘A Better Place’ came right after finishing my album and it was the perfect track to wrap up and finish in time for this release. ‘Do Me’ was one of those that just happened while putting the mix together. It came together very naturally and just kinda wrote itself.”

Noir also gets to grip with two bonafide Defected classics, remixing Lifelike & Kris Menace ‘Discopolis’ and Nick Curly 'Underground' with typically assured results. Finally, Noir takes on DFTD’s underground smash Pitto ‘You’ before throwing the rulebook out the window with his electrifying mashup of Blaze & Palmer Brown meets &Me ‘Dance To My Beat’.

“I didn’t really plan what to do with it. I just started picking out some tracks, started mixing and went with the vibe and flow that felt natural. It’s the same process as when I DJ at clubs and festivals. It’s all spontaneous and happens in the moment. The mixes on DDD reflects that natural flow.”


  Deep Down & Defected Volume 8 – Noir is out 12 July 2015 (digital) on Defected Records

  An album sampler is out 29 June (digital) on Defected Records



Sampler tracklist:

01. Nick Curly 'Underground' (Noir Remix)
02. Lifelike & Kris Menace 'Discopolis' (Noir Remix) 
03. Pitto – You' (Noir Remix)

Album tracklist:

01. Noir ‘Deep Down & Defected Volume 8: Noir – Noir Mix 1’
02. Noir ‘Deep Down & Defected Volume 8: Noir – Noir Mix 2’
03. Noir - A Better Place (Original Mix)
04. Lifelike & Kris Menace ‘Discopolis’ (Noir Remix)
05. Nick Curly 'Underground' (Noir Remix)
06. Noir - Do Me (Original Mix)
07. Pitto 'You' (Noir Remix)
08. Blaze & Palmer Brown meets &Me - Dance To My Beat (Noir Mashup Treatment) 
09. Noir & Symbol - Glass (Raw Club Cut)
10. Dantiez Saunderson & KPD featuring LaRae Starr 'Place Called Home' (Cristoph Remix)
11. Dennis Ferrer ‘Son Of Raw’        
12. Dachshund 'Charabia' (Original Mix)
13. Djuma Soundsystem Vs. Shades Of Gray 'Madness' (Noir Remix)
14. Guti 'We Love You' (Reboot’s Unicorn Remake)
15. Noir - Music 4 Me (Original Mix)
16. Kings Of Tomorrow featuring Elzi Hall 'Show Me'
17. Chez Damier 'Can You Feel It' (Steve Bug Re-Dub)
18. Noir - Wait (Original Mix)
19. Terrence Parker 'Saved Forever' (C2 Mix)
20. Wallflower 'Say You Won’t Ever' (Deetron T-Line Dub)
21. Flashmob featuring Laila Walker 'Pieces' (Garage Mix)
22. Julien Jabre ‘Swimming Places’ (Jerome Sydenham Remix)
23. Tommy Bones   'Black Concept'
24. Audiojack featuring Kevin Knapp 'Stay Glued' (Sebo K Remix)
25. Osunlade presents Nadirah Shakoor 'Pride' (Johnny D Remix)
26. Eagles & Butterflies ft J.U.D.G.E. - Love (Original Mix)    
27. Coyu featuring Cari Golden 'Profound Pleasure'
28. Paolo Rocco 'Move Body, Move Forward'
29. Deelo 'Mr House' (Original Mix)

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