Kompakt Presents KX 2015

Kompakt-related label KX will release its first full-length compilation in November. 

Titled KX 2015, the two-disc compilation bundles tracks from KX's early catalogue together with a batch of unreleased cuts. It's the tenth release on KX, a label set-up by a crew working at the Kompakt warehouse and record store. A press release sent out with each release makes clear that the new venture is not another Kompakt sublabel, but an "entity of its own." KX 2015comprises 17 cuts due out digitally and on vinyl. There are no samples of the new tracks online yet, but you can expect "floor burners, secret weapons and future classics" from the likes of Pieter Steijger, Luis Junior and Reinhard Voigt. 



01. Christerk - Snowhaze 
02. Roy Rosenfeld & Guy Mantzur - Deeyo 
03. Pieter Steijger - Gossip 
04. Lazaros - Keto 
05. Luis Junior - Numina 
06. Elijah Simmons - Sil 
07. Jonas Rathsman - New Generation 
08. Euripides - the Dreamer 
09. D2. Krisztian Dobrocsi - Subwolfer 


01. Elijah Simmons - Pisces 
02. Termoment - Arcade Gem 
03. Kelly Sylvia - Sapphire 
04. Luis Junior - La Musica 
05. Lazaros - Trigono 
06. Reinhard Voigt - Rv 01 
08. Euripides - Melancholy Days 
08. Gadi Mitrani - Key of Stillness (Original Vocal Mix) 

KX will release KX 2015 on November 13th, 2015.

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