Stil Vor Talent - 10 Year Anniversary Compilation


"I am particularly proud of the 10 year anniversary of the label’ Oliver says. ‘ Every one of our artists has contributed an exclusive, previously unreleased track, which results in a wonderful bundle of 25 sophisticated tracks ranging from electronica to house and techno.”



Stil vor Talent mark their 10 year anniversary to say thank you to everyone who supported the music from the start. 



Over the course of the past ten years, Stil vor Talent has supported emerging young artists, to continuously broaden and redefine its sound, and, ultimately, to create lasting memories, both on and off the dance floor. 


Since it was founded in 2006, Stil vor Talent has continuously strived to evolve, further and enable numerous artistic careers, Niconé, Sascha Braemer, Niko Schwind, Kellerkind, HVOB to name just a few. Next to commercial success in popular culture, embodied by hits like ‘Hypnotized’ or ‘3 Tage Wach’, Stil vor Talent is particularly known for its DIY-attitude, graphic realisation, connected fashion label and musical variety spanning from nu disco to house. Proudly announcing the label's 10 year anniversary release, the album is the perfect showcase of all the sounds and influences that has made Stil vor Talent one of underground music’s most enthralling imprints. 


 Watch Official Video -  Joachim Pastor - Clean Slate


“10 Years Stil vor Talent”


01. HVOB – Envy 

02. Joachim Pastor – Clean Slate 

03. Björn Störig – Moqui Marble 

04. Teenage Mutants, Ed One & Bodden – Expression 

05. Moonwalk & Rafael Cerato – Synchron 

06. Sascha Braemer – Nature Freak 

07. Kellerkind – That Sound 

08. Several Definitions – No Decision 

09. Boy Next Door – Bang 

10. Oliver Koletzki – First Come 

11. Reinier Zonneveld – Slow Loris 

12. Tobi Kramer – A Night in July 

13. Julian Wassermann & H.B.C. – Nord 

14. Animal Trainer – Symphony 

15. Benotmane – Pelikan 

16. Kruse & Nuernberg feat. Brolin – The River 

17. Niconé feat. Benjamin Frnkln – The Collector 

18. Uone feat. Sophia Sin – In My Mind 

19. Niko Schwind – Floating Pressure 

20. Channel X – Reflections 

21. Niconé & Sascha Braemer feat. Malonda – U Gotta Run 

22. KlangKuenstler – I am the Light 

23. HRRSN – Perpetual Motion 

24. Jiggler – Pressure 

25. Murat Kilic – To Love Again


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