Dusky Presents Floor To Floor

Dusky have put together a compilation of UK house and techno called Floor To Floor

The 12-track release speaks to Nick Harriman and Alfie Granger-Howell's DJing and production style—a no-nonsense blend of techno, house, rave and electronica. 

Floor To Floor will hit the shelves via Dusky's 17 Steps label, and it'll be available digitally from June 3rd and on vinyl in May. (Two four-track 12-inches will come out on the 13th and 27th.) 


01. Velvit - Looking Glass 
02. Dusky - Mount Belzoni 
03. Christian Piers - Tooth Decay 
04. Lo Shea - Thousand Foot Waves 
05. Trevino - Ojak 
06. Hugo Massien - Restart The Sun 
07. Alan Fitzpatrick - Where Haus? 
08. Moniker - Moving 
09. Mella Dee - Take Control 
10. Coba - Gotta Get Back Home 
11. Skream & Jonjo - Room 959 
12. Otik - Ur Soul Is Missing 

17 Steps will release Floor To Floor on June 3rd, 2016.

Bron: Resident Advisor

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