Sennheiser Announces New HD 660 S Headphones

The new model, a follow-up to the audiophile favourite HD 650, features improved transducers and lower impedance.

Sennheiser has released a new pair of headphones, the HD 660 S. 

The new model is the successor to the widely-respected HD 650, which has been a favourite of producers and engineers for 14 years. Aesthetically, the HD 660 S retains the open-back design and sliding headband of its predecessor, but features a new transducer that promises a total harmonic distortion level of <0.04%—a percentile better than the HD 650. Each transducer is paired by hand to keep the frequency response of the left and right cups within a single decibel. The impedance level has also been lowered from 300 to 150 Ohms, meaning the headphones can be powered without a headphone amplifier. 

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The Sennheiser HD 660 S is available now for US $499.95


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