Davide Squillace - Once Upon A Time In Napoli

It's out on Crosstown Rebels next month.

Davide Squillace's debut album, Once Upon A Time In Napoli, is on the way. 

The longtime Italian DJ, producer and resident at Ibiza's Circoloco party has been quiet on the release front over the past couple years, but that changes with Once Upon A Time In Napoli, which will see release through Crosstown Rebels on March 30th. Its ten tracks include collaborations with Alex Nazar and Paki Palmieri, while the closing cut, "The Sin Introducing Telemaco," apparently refers to an ambient and experimental project (Telemaco) that Squillace worked on years ago. 

Besides being his first proper full-length, Once Upon A Time In Napoli marks Squillace's debut on Crosstown Rebels. Over the years he's also released on the likes of Desolat, Cadenza and Ovum, while setting up a few labels of his own, the most recent of which is This And That

Listen to album track "Noah." 


01. The Boogie Man feat. Alex Nazar 
02. In The Mood For Love 
03. Dad Is Back feat. Paki Palmieri's Drums 
04. Napoli Texas 
05. Noah 
06. How We Communicate 
07. Vostok 
08. Iron Odyssey 
09. Holy Motors 
10. The Sin Introducing Telemaco 

Crosstown Rebels will release Once Upon A Time In Napoli on March 30th, 2018

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