Octave One - Endustry

Lenny and Lawrence Burden will release their next LP on April 27th.

Octave One will release a new album under their Random Noise Generation alias this April. 

Endustry arrives 27 years on from the first Random Noise Generation release: 1991's Falling In Dub. The Detroit duo's new album, which lands on April 27th through 430 West, will be preceded by a two-track EP on April 6th. 

The album was mostly recorded on the road. Lawrence Burden explains: "We were tucked away in so many hotel rooms that we decided to make sure we brought enough extra equipment so that we could set up a true lab to create from country to country and make the grooves that we wanted to experiment with on the dance floor." 

"Much of the foundation of the composition was very accidental, but inspirational, with various musical devices interpreting data in a very unexpected results," adds Octave One's Lenny Burden. "It actually came together quite quickly but things just fell into place so naturally." 


01. Endustry 
02. Alkalyze 
03. Crank 
04. N2 The Enfinate 
05. Refraction 
06. Soul Xchange 
07. Thee Arrival 

430 West will release Endustry on April 27th, 2018

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