Gui Boratto - Pentagram

The LP arrives on Kompakt in June, more than a decade after his breakout Chromophobia.

Gui Boratto has a new album on the way. 

Pentagram, the Brazilian producer's first LP since 2014, lands on Kompakt on June 15th. Boratto further explores the melodic, high-energy sound of his past records, drawing upon classic drum machines and his new Buchla modular synth. One track, "Overload," is a collaboration with Boratto's wife, Luciana Villanova, who was the vocalist on his biggest hit to date, 2007's "Beautiful Life." 

Other tracks, the label says, are among the most nuanced of his career. "I think I've used more than 30 different snares, with different delays and reverbs," says Boratto about the title track. "The whole song is alive." 

Listen to the first single, "Forgive Me." 



01. The Walker 
02. The Black Bookshelf 
03. Overload feat. Luciana Villanova 
04. Forgotten 
05. Forgive Me 
06. Scene 
07. Alcazar 
08. The Phoenix feat. Nathan Berger 
09. Halluciantion feat. B.T.D1 
10. Spur 
11. Pentagram 
12. 618 

Kompakt will release Pentagram on June 15th, 2018

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