Max Cooper - One Hundred Billion Sparks

Max Cooper has announced details for his third studio album. 

One Hundred Billion Sparks sees Cooper further refining his widescreen style of techno, ambient and experimental music. The UK artist says he conceptualized it during a month spent in isolation in a remote Welsh cottage. 

The album "is my attempt to express what was there after I had removed my everyday life," Cooper explains. "No phone calls, no emails, no messages, no human contact for a month, that was the idea. What I found were the fables we live inside, our constructs, the mechanisms which create them, and the experience of parsing them." 

Today's announcement also comes with this quote: "We are one hundred billion sparks. One hundred billion neurons whose firing creates feelings and ideas. One hundred billion neurons that make us all different yet connected." 

Cooper will release the record in September through his own Mesh label. As usual, he's designed it as a multimedia project that pairs music with a "visual story," and he'll take it on tour as a new immersive audio-visual live show. He'll celebrate the album release at KOKO in London on Thursday, September 20th. 

Last month, Cooper appeared on Balance Music's Mix Series. His previous albums are Human, released in 2014, and 2016's Emergence



01. Incompleteness 
02. Hope 
03. Phi 
04. Rule 110 
05. Reciprocity 
06. Emptyset 
07. Volition 
08. Platonic 
09. Identity 
10. Reflex 
11. Lovesong 
12. Memories 

Mesh will release One Hundred Billion Sparks on September 20th, 2018

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