Lee Burridge + Lost Desert: Melt (All Day I Dream)

The ten-track LP, out next month on All Day I Dream, is both DJs' first full-length of original material.

Lee Burridge and Lost Desert will release their debut collaborative album, Melt, on Burridge's own 'All Day I Dream' label next month. 

Melt marks both DJs' first full-length of original material. The ten-track LP, which aims to capture the feeling of Burridge's All Day I Dream parties, features contributions from producer Simon Vuarabon and vocalist Junior Akwerty. 

Burridge and Lost Desert, real name Patrick Bruyndonx, first started working together in 2016 and have released two collaborative EPs - Stand Up Right and  K Bug - on Berlin label Get Weird. They've also released a handful of singles on All Day I Dream, the most recent being Elongi. The "Time Stands Still Mix" of their 2016 single Lingala which features vocals from Akwerty, is included on the new album. 


01. Sailing Without A Compass (Off The Grid Version) 
02. Melt 
03. Rain 
04. One 
05. Lingala (Time Stands Still Mix) 
06. Mibale 
07. Seven Magic Mountains 
08. Float On 
09. Wiawowi 
10. Christina, Daydreaming 

All Day I Dream will release Melt on July 19th, 2019. 


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