Rodriguez Jr. - BLISSS

It's out on April 24th.

Rodriguez Jr. has a new album on the way through Mobilee.

Olivier Mateu's third full-length, BLISSS, continues to explore his melodic house and techno sound, taking inspiration from the writings of Patrick Modiano and artist Pierre Soulages, among other things. There's also a pop influence: Liset Alea, the lead singer of Parisian cover band Nouvelle Vague, sings on two of the tracks. The LP is out April 24th.

"This album is a decision to enjoy myself in the studio and use the palette of different ingredients and creative methods of working that I've collected over the past 25 years," Mateu says. "I was trying to not run after the apex of an idea, but rather to let it take me somewhere else, this state of free creative consciousness is itself a moment of BLISSS."


01. Haussmann
02. What Is Real feat. Liset Alea
03. Polaroïd
04. Blisss
05. Santa Cruz
06. Here to Forget You feat. Liset Alea
07. Monolith Garden
08. Nairobi

Mobilee will release BLISSS

Germany apr 22  Rodriguez Jr. Blisss Album Premiere, Watergate, Berlin


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