Hunter/Game - Adaptation

Italian duo Hunter/game have revealed details for their debut album, Adaptation, which will come through Kompakt in February of next year. 

Emmanuele Nicosia and Martino Bertola's brand of techno and house has previously seen release on labels like Innervisions, Last Night On Earth and Diynamic. This year the duo linked up with Kompakt for a pair of records, Speicher 83 and Speicher 87, along with spots on the Total 15 Compilation. (They also issued another EP, Genesis through their own Just This imprint.) 

Nicosia and Bertola produced Adaptation over the summer. Kompakt say "the pair decided to retreat to a chalet in the Dolomite Alps, near a ski resort closed for the season." Nighttime walks through the mountains were a key source of inspiration, and the duo says of the experience: "That is basically where the Hunter/Game moniker is coming from... It just has this profound impact on you, seeing a place that you only know bustling with human activity uncovered and naked, realizing to what extent human presence has somehow contaminated that piece of nature." Further motivation for the album came from looking at "the adaptation of the human being to the modern metropolis as well as the adaptation of music to a collective technological era that has become the manifesto of our generation." 

Adaptation will be made available in double-vinyl, CD and digital formats. Ahead of the album's release, Kompakt is giving away one of its tracks for free—try out "The Path" below.


A1 Intro (Walking Unobserved) 
A2 Declino 
A3 The Path 
B1 Adaptation 
B2 Hexagon 
C1 Origins 
C2 Radius 
D1 Silver 
D2 Ashes 
D3 Hide 

Kompakt will release Adaptation on Feburary 5th, 2016.

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