Cassy - Donna

Cassy will release an album titled Donna in June. 

Though Catherine Britton has overseen a few high-profile mixes (Panorama Bar 01 and Fabric 71), Donna is her first album. She's previously appeared with EPs on labels like Perlon, Uzuri and Bass Culture, and for the LP she's signed up to Will Saul's Aus Music. 

The album is born from some ups and downs Britton has experienced in recent years. "I had broken up with my husband, left Berlin, left my friends and left a way of making music and a way of living life," she says. "It was too painful to make music. I tried singing and it felt awful. I had to look at myself and understand how much I truly disliked myself. I had to get out of all my unhealthy relationships with people that were a mere reflection of how I felt inside. Music producing was out of the question. It reminded me of who I tried to be for other people." 

Britton finished the album after the birth of her son, who along with sound engineer Lad Agabekov, her "soul brother" King Britt and her new partner, "helped me transform the album into a more mature version of me and my music. Into the version I am ready for the world to hear." 


01. This Is How We Know 
02. Feel 
03. Back 
04. All I Do 
05. Strange Relationship 
06. Cuando 
07. Route To Thonon 
08. Keep Trying 
09. Move 
10. Without You 
11. What If 
12. You Gotta Give 

Aus Music will release Donna on June 24th, 2016.

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