Youandewan - There's No Right Time

The ten-track LP lands on Aus Music in October.

Youandewan, AKA Ewan Smith, will release an album called There Is No Right Time on Aus Music next month. 

The album follows a string of Youandewan singles on Will Saul's label, which date back to a self-titled EP in 2014. It's Smith's first release on Aus Music of 2016, and sees him stretch out across ten tracks, which the label says were mostly recorded during a Berlin winter three years ago. There Is No Right Time arrives shortly after the release of Aus Music's most sizeable outing to date, a multi-disc compilation called Aus 100


01. Have The Guts 
02. Be Good To Me, Poly 
03. Waiting For L 
04. Time To Leave (Can’t Mix) 
05. 10405 (Alice) 
06. Our Odyssey 
07. Something Keeps Me Real Quiet 
08. Left On Lucy (feat. Huerta) 
09. Earnest Kelly 
10. 4D Anxiety 

Aus Music will release There Is No Right Time on October 14th, 2016

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