Ulrich Schnauss - No Further Ahead Than Today

Ulrich Schnauss is releasing his next solo album, No Further Ahead Than Today, on November 4th. 

The German producer is a prolific artist in the world of ambient, downtempo and synth music. In addition to classic albums like A Strangely Isolated Place, he's remixed a number of iconic acts like Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys and now counts as a full member of Tangerine Dream. No Further Ahead Than Today is his first album since 2012's A Long Way To Fall, and it comes via Schnauss's Scripted Realities label. 

The press release says the LP shows "a renewed interest in more direct electronic sounds, and aims to substitute traditional verse-chorus-verse structures for more freeform atmospherics." 


01. Melts Into Air 
02. Love Grows 
03. The Magic In You 
04. Thoughtless Motion 
05. No Further Ahead Than Today 
06. Wait For Me 
07. New Day Starts At Dawn 
08. Negative Sunrise 
09. Illusory Sun 

Scripted Realities will release No Further Ahead Than Today on November 4th, 2016

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