Rane Releases New DJ Mixer, Digital Turntable

The products are geared toward battle DJing.

Rane has announced two new products. 

The Seventy-Two Battle Mixer is a two-channel design dominated by a 4.3-inch colour touch screen and 16 MPC-style pads. The screen displays moving waveforms, cue points and effects information while the pads control parameters within Serato in addition to effects and transport. Each channel has a three-band EQ and a high- and low-pass filter. The crossfader is a contactless design with adjustable tension and curve levels. 

The Twelve Battle Controller resembles a traditional turntable but doesn't have a tonearm or stylus. A touch strip is on board for accessing hot cues and the pitch control can be switched between 8, 16 and 50% ranges. It can control up to four decks and connects to a mixer or computer via USB. The platter torque can be set to a high or low setting and runs at 3,600 ticks of resolution per rotation. 

The new products are among the first to be released by Rane after being acquired by music gear conglomerate inMusic in 2016. The company had previously pushed a small range of rotary DJ mixers, like the MP2015. 

Rane will release the Seventy-Two Battle Mixer and Twelve Battle Controller in the fourth quarter of 2017, which will retail for $1899 and $799 respectively

Website: http://dj.rane.com/products/

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