Pioneer DJ Releases 5.0 Update To Rekordbox, Announces New DDJ-XP1 Controller

The Rekordbox update adds new functions and addresses some of the software's shortcomings.

Pioneer DJ has released a new version of their software Rekordbox, plus a new DJ controller. 

The Rekordbox update—a free download—aims for "more stable, responsive performance," plus improved importing, exporting and library management features. Notably it now allows users to import a playlist via USB or SD card, and to load tracks from one memory card onto any computer. (If you lose your hard drive data, you can restore your Rekordbox library this way, with playlists intact.) They've also renewed the user interface, which is meant to be more intuitive, and improved the accuracy of the program's beat grid analysis. 

The new controller, the DDJ-XP1, does away with the traditional rotating platters in favor of two four-by-four sample pad grids. It's geared towards hybrid performances and battle mixing, as a supplement to turntables, CDJs or another controller. It also has track selection and loop controls as well as two touch strips for triggering effects. The DDJ-XP1 will be out towards the end of September, retailing at $249. 

Pioneer DJ rekordbox 5.0 Official Introduction

Pioneer DJ DDJ-XP1 Official Introduction


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