Pioneer DJ Launches DJS-1000 Performance Sampler

The new product aims to bring live sampling and remixing to the DJ booth.

Pioneer DJ is releasing a performance sampler called the DJS-1000. 

The new device is designed to be integrated into DJ setups. It allows you to sample audio from media players or turntables on the fly using a send/return connection, which can then be arranged with a step sequencer and altered with effects. 16 velocity-sensitive pads can be used for writing melodies and patterns as well as muting and soloing individual parts. A touch strip is assigned to control parameters like pitch and beat repeat while a seven-inch touch screen provides visual feedback on sequences and levels. 

Like a normal turntable or CDJ, the DJS-1000 can be manually synched to tempo with a pitch fader, or alternatively slaved to other devices via MIDI DIN or USB. Project data can be prepared on a computer before connecting to the player and is directly shareable with the Toraiz SP-16 sampler. Although samples can be loaded from USB, the unit ships with 2500 sounds from Loopmasters. 

A 16-step sequencer is onboard for building patterns. Hot Slice and Slice modes cut up samples from different cue points and assign them to pads, allowing you to resequence and manipulate the sound. Effects can be applied to individual tracks, groups or the entire mix. 

Watch a promo video for the DJS-1000: 

Pioneer DJ will release the DJS-1000 in October for €1299

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