Ableton Live 10

The new software features four new devices and a redesigned sound library.

Ableton has announced Live 10. 

With the latest version of its influential DAW, the Berlin-based company is primarily focusing on improving Live as a creative tool. There's a new synth called Wavetable, which contains a selection of waveforms from various instruments, modelled analogue filters and complex modulation capabilities. A device called Echo expands on Live's suite of delay effects, offering a greater range of digital and analogue textures and more scope for experimentation than the existing Ping Pong and Simple Delay options. An all-in-one drum processing device called Drum Buss will offer control over transient shaping, saturation, low-end intensity and more. Pedal, a new overdrive effect, models different flavours of distortion and fuzz found in guitar pedals, although Ableton says it also excels on drums and synths. 

Live's workflow has also been overhauled. Inputs and outputs can be renamed to match the hardware in your studio, streamlining the process of routing audio in and out of the program. MIDI clip editing has been tweaked, allowing users to view and edit multiple clips at a time. A new feature called Capture transforms ideas into MIDI while retaining the unique swing of the performance, while the implementation of note-chasing triggers MIDI notes even if playback starts in the middle of the note. (This means you don't need to start from the beginning of a MIDI clip to hear its content). 

The mixing process has also been enhanced. Groups of tracks can now be lodged within other groups and the Utility device gets a wider gain range and a bass mono feature. EQ Eight now has extended low frequency slopes and split stereo panning. The overall interface is sharper and the browser can be filtered by most-used tools. Arrangement view meanwhile gains one-key zooming, nudging, time-stretching and drag-and-drop track duplication. 

The sound library has been expanded with four new packs of multi-sampled synths, keys and drums, while a Curated Collections organises sounds and instruments into common sonic themes. The sound quality of the Core Library has been upgraded and reorganised to make sounds easier to locate. In addition to an updated workflow, the Push controller now lets you perform in real time and step-sequence notes in the same layout. Note and device information can also be viewed directly on the device. 

Max For Live has been fully built in to the program, which means it loads faster and uses less CPU. The devices themselves have been upgraded, including an improved Drum Synth, while multi-channel audio routing and SySex compatibility facilitate multi-speaker arrays and advanced MIDI-hardware integration respectively. 

Live 10 will be available in the first quarter of 2018. From now until the release, the various versions of Live 9 are selling for 20% off. Those who purchase a copy of Live 9 will be entitled to a free upgrade to Live 10 when it's released. 

Watch a video about Live 10:

Ableton will release Live 10 in the first quarter of 2018. The Standard version will retail for €349, Suite for €599 and Intro for €79


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