Ableton Announces Live 10.1

New devices and workflow improvements feature in the update, which is currently being beta tested.

An update to Ableton Live is on the way. 

The new version is currently in beta ahead of a general release and features a host of workflow improvements and new devices. The Wavetable instrument added in Live 10 now accepts user-generated waves, meaning you can load your own sounds into the plug-in, be it a wavetable or a random sample. There is also a new three-band equaliser called Channel EQ, which has curves that adjust depending on the amount of gain applied to a given band. Simple Delay and Ping Pong, two age-old Live devices, have been condensed into Delay, which comes with three different modes that change the behaviour of pitch artefacts caused by changing the delay time. 

Following Live 10's workflow overhaul, 10.1 further tweaks the automation experience. In addition to a new selection of curve types, numerical values can now be entered with the keyboard, and automation lanes can be skewed and stretched into complex shapes. Zooming has also been improved with new shortcuts for moving quickly between macro and micro views of your project, while the pinch function on your mouse will now work as a zoom control. Other improvements include support for VST3 plug-ins and the ability to freeze tracks with a sidechain input. 

The update will be free for all Ableton 10 owners. There is no firm release date, but Ableton says the final version is "coming soon." You can find a detailed list of the new features on the Ableton website

Watch a promo video for Ableton 10.1. :

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