Serato Studio: 'Production Software For DJs'

The new product fills a niche between DJ software and digital audio workstations.

Serato has opened a beta for a new piece of software called Studio. 

While fully-fledged DAWs like Ableton Live or Reaper can prove difficult to grasp, Studio is designed to reduce the learning curve by building a DAW-like experience with a workflow DJs recognise. Newcomers to music production are serviced with a simplified, intuitive interface but more experienced producers could use Studio to quickly sketch out track ideas that can be refined later in other software. 

With its two-channel layout, EQs, filters and coloured waveform displays, Studio closely resembles Serato DJ Pro. Sounds come from your Serato DJ library, a set of drum kits and in-built or user-uploaded samples, which can then be used to build patterns using a step-sequencer. 

It includes a set of features aiming for a fast workflow such as automatic key matching, slicing and time-stretching of samples and an algorithm for instantly generating beats, which can then be tailored to taste. Patterns can be chained together to create song structures while a set of automateable effects can be applied to individual sample slices and drum hits as well as tracks. VST and AU plug-ins are supported and you can also export stems, streamlining the process of taking your ideas to more advanced DAWs for further refinement. 

Studio will be available as a subscription-only service, which will regularly provide subscribers with new sample content. You can join the beta here

Learn more about Serato Studio in this video overview:

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