Pioneer OPUS - QUAD

Source: Resident Advisor

  • Offering standalone four-deck playback and wireless compatibilities, the upcoming product is priced at £2,899.
  • Pioneer DJ unveils new all-in-one DJ system, OPUS-QUAD image
  • Pioneer DJ has announced a new all-in-one DJ system to rival its flagship XDJ-XZ released in late 2019. The OPUS-QUAD prioritises both playability and design, coming in a sleek matte black finish and wooden accents. Its new features include a four-deck playback function where DJs can play four different tracks on four different decks simultaneously. With matching jog rig illumination, each deck can have an assigned colour to eliminate confusion. Track selection has also been upgraded with the new Smart Rotary Selector, which acts similarly to a joystick with left/right, up/down, rotation and push control. The OPUS-QUAD will be compatible with rekordbox's new technology where tracks can be wirelessly played through a mobile device. Users will also be able to pair their smartphones using Bluetooth. Last month, Pioneer DJ released a new four-channel mixer, the DJM-A9. Read more about the OPUS-QUAD, and watch the walkthrough video:


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