3 Years Rotationz

*** 3 Years Rotationz (2705 2006)

* First H.

Phantom: The Abyss
3 Drives On A Vinyl: Greece 2000
Disco Citizens: Footprint
Tranquil Voice: Acid India
Ferr: Stardust
LSG: The Netherworld / Jules Verne Mix
Moby: Hymn / European Piano L-Mix
Pete Lanzonby's 'Sacred Cycles' - Jens Mahlsted Remix)
Alpha Process: Je T'Aime
The Melody: Beat Your Heart Out

* Second H.

Electrotete: I Love You
Yellow Screen: Out Of Time
Sasha: Xpander
Mental Cube: Q / Santa Monica Mix
The Blackmaster: Time Never Stops
Jens Lissat: You Can't Escape / Paul Van Dyk Remix
Legowelt: Disco Rout
Onda Del Futura: Terra
MainX: 88 To Piano
BT & Jan Johnston: Sunblind

* Third H.

Castle Trancelot: Indoctrinate
The Age Of Love: The Age Of Love / W.O.F.S. Club Mix By Jam & Spoon
Oxygen: Absynth Minded
Pole Folder & CP: Dust / Last Light Of The Evening On Galways's Coast Line
LSG aka Oliver Lieb: Fontana / Processed Mix
Kasjmir: Polterguys
Humate: A Love Stimulation / Paul Van Dyk Love Mix
Magnetix: Groove Sonars
The Paperclip People: Throw
Cygnus-X: The Orange Theme / Bervoets & DeGoeij Mix
Vincent De Moor: Flowtation

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