Schedule/Line-ups @ Dance Tunes - July 2016

ROTATIONZ & FRIENDS IN THE MIX" @ Dance Tunes Radio, every Friday from 22.00 till 24.00 H

Internet livestream:

*** Friday 01/07/'16 @ Dance Tunes Radio = 22-24H:

22-23H: Pedro Mercado (BE, Rotationz, Kondo Beach, Planet Ibiza, Factomania, Gold, Parquet, MINOO, Kling Klong) 
23-24H: Pedro Mercado invites Dave M Sanchez (ES, MINOO), live recorded at MINOO OFF Showcase in Barcelona

*** Friday 08/07/'16 @ Dance Tunes Radio = 22-24H: 

22-23H: Kris Adrian (BE, Rotationz, Global Underground Sounds, Conic Rec)
23-24H: Kris Adrian invites special guest TBA

*** Friday 15/07/'16 @ Dance Tunes Radio = 22-24H:

22-23H: David Gee (BE, Rotationz, Kondo Beach)
23-24H: David Gee invites special guest TBA


*** Friday 22/07/'16 @ Dance Tunes Radio = 22-24H:

22-23H: Hans Rotationz (BE, Rotationz) Invites Miss Melera (Holland, Colourizon Radioshow, Parquet, Einmusika, Weiter, Chapter 24,...)
23-24H: Hans Rotationz (BE, Rotationz) Invites Special Guest Gabriel Ananda (Germany, Soulful Techno, Basmati, Suara, ...)


*** Friday 29/07/'16 @ Dance Tunes Radio = 22-24H:





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